av A Karlsson · 2016 · Citerat av 29 — An underlying aim concerns how code-switching can help students to bridge the differences between everyday modes of language and more scientific modes.


Examples of codes in this document are enclosed in single quotes ('en', 'Hant'). Language tags are designed so that each subtag type has unique length and 

Internationally recognized codes for the representation of more than 500 languages or language families, with ISO 639. This ISO standard can be applied across many types of organization and situations. It’s invaluable for bibliographic purposes, in libraries or information management, including computerized systems, and for the representation of different language versions on Websites. en: en-bz: 10249: 2809: 1252: English - Canada: en: en-ca: 4105: 1009: 1252: English - Code Country-Language; CN: Chinese: DA: Danish: DE: German: DE-AT: Austrian: DE-CH: Swiss-German: EN: English: EN-AU: Australian-English: EN-CA: Canadian-English: EN-GB: Great Brittan English: EN-IE: Ireland: EN-US: USA-English: ES: Spanish (Castellan) ES-AR: Argentine: ES-CO: Colombian: ES-CU: Cuban: ES-Cat: Catalan: ES-DO: Dominican Republic EN: Esperanto: EO: Estonian: ET: Faeroese: FO: Fiji: FJ: Finnish: FI: French: FR: Frisian: FY: Gaelic (Scots Gaelic) GD: Galician: GL: Georgian: KA: German: DE: Greek: EL: Greenlandic: KL: Guarani Language Codes In This Article. Note: Custom languages are not included in the list. Check custom languages (if any) in Project Settings . Languages currently Language Codes.

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Literature in the English Language 7,5 Credits General requirements and English proficiency is required. Exemption is Course code/Ladok code: LLEG15 En ytterligare NAICS Code som används för att vidare klassificera en organisation efter bransch. Se Primary NAICS Code. Fifth NAICS Description, En kort  Professor in English, Linköping University - ‪‪Citerat av 373‬‬ - ‪collaborative writing‬ - ‪conversation analysis‬ - ‪second language acquisition‬ - ‪code-switching‬  Start Spring 2022; Mode of study Campus; Language English; Course code ENGB62; Application code KAU-38187; Study pace 50% (Day); Study period week  Other Languages Spoken: English and French are spoken by a large part of the population. Armenian 6% and Telephone Code: To call from  2 Letter ISO country code/language code: 35235. 12-06-2019 Om personen inte andas, utför konstgjord andning och låt en utbildad person administrera syre.

Originally, ISO-639.1988 defined two-letter lower case abbreviation codes for each spoken language, e.g. ar = Arabic, en = English, eo = Esperanto. Now we have 

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En language code

This includes languages that are reconstructed, languages that have automatic generation of sort keys, and so on. To find a language code quickly, add the code to your URL as a section link. For example, Wiktionary:List of languages#en will link directly to English. See also Wiktionary:List of families and Wiktionary:List of scripts.

En language code

Language Culture Name, Display Name, Culture Code, ISO 639x Value. af-ZA en-AU.

or Send login link. In English Appendix A Language Codes. The ISO 639. standard defines two-letter codes for many languages, and three-letter codes for more rarely used languages.. All abbreviations for languages used in the Translation Project should come from this standard. en a standard identifier of a language .
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En language code

Välj språk/select language. SV. Svenska · EN. English. ×. Mecenat.

3081. 1252. English - Belize.
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The IRS is now offering critical information in multiple languages. Select from the languages below to view the available information. An official website of the United States Government We know that tax information can be hard to understan

C. ca, Spanish, Catalonian. ca-AD.

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MyELT is a web-based learning management system designed to our best- selling series.

If your account or survey is enabled to issue emails and surveys to employees in languages other than English, when that person is sent their survey invite email, it  Lokalise supports over 400 languages out of the box. Learn how to adjust language codes and settings. Example: "en" (English), "ja" (Japanese), "kok" (Konkani); script: ISO 15924 alpha -4 script code. You can find a full list of valid script codes in the IANA Language  Name, Language code. English (default), en. Arabic, ar. Bengali, bn.

Appendix A Language Codes. The ISO 639. standard defines two-letter codes for many languages, and three-letter codes for more rarely used languages.. All abbreviations for languages used in the Translation Project should come from this standard.

DA, Danish. DE, German.

български (*), Bulgarian, bg. español (), Spanish, es. čeština, Czech, cs. dansk, Danish, da. Language Reference. Arduino programming language can be divided in three main parts: functions, values (variables The elements of Arduino (C++) code.